Nicole Asselin: OwnerAre you looking to burn fat, increase muscle, feel energized and look in a mirror and like what you see? Are you confused about where to start, or hit a plateau in your workout program? Located in Kamloops BC, Kick Your Asselin Boot Camp & Personal Training is one of Kamloops' newest fitness companies with BCRPA certified personal trainer, Nicole Asselin.

As a full time mom, wife and business owner, she knows how valuable your time is and how tight money can be. There never seems to be enough of either and as a result, women often take care of everything else first. Well ladies, your time has come! With either personalized one-on-one training or boot camp group exercise, you only have to invest a small amount of time and money to reshape your body and reshape your life.

So whether your goal is to feel great, get your pre-mommy body back or try something new, take a moment to peruse the site and see which option best fits your lifestyle.

Fitness should be fun, challenging and educational, so please don't hesitate to call or email with a question.

Above all, remember to invest in yourself--you're worth it!